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Why wood peg puzzles are of the essence and why only we provide the best

Why are Wooden Peg Puzzles Important?
Wooden peg puzzles or wooden jigsaw puzzles are essential to a growing young mind as they help hone those vital human skills needed for a healthy and productive wellbeing. They serve to improve cognitive skills, enhance your kid’s problem-solving ability thereby building self-confidence, improve general motor skills and even improve social relations through teamwork. Wooden puzzles are akin to your child’s daily dose of mental supplements albeit a healthy one geared towards nurturing mental prowess.

What do we have to offer?
Our wooden puzzles are available in wide variety of shapes, patterns and themes suitable for kids across the age divide. Here’s a couple of those we have in store:

1) Animal, farm, and sea world themes
Having to explain to a toddler what a horse looks like or what’s the difference between a sheep and a dog can be quite the task. However, with our assortment of farm and animal puzzles, your kids will literally have all farm and other animals in the palm of their hands. They can play around with pegs and patch them up together to create images of the most common wild, farm animals and other things found in and around the farm.

Our sea world wooden puzzles, on the other hand, introduce toddlers to the world beyond the waters as it encompasses a host of sea creatures in the form of vibrant colorful cartoons brought to life through vibrant 3d pegs for assembly.

These jigsaw puzzles not only serve to enrich your kid’s recollection of animals but also improves eye and hand coordination while all the while imploring fun in the process. These puzzles are suitable for ages 1 to 7.

2) Letter, shapes and other educational themes
Coming to grasp with the nitty-gritty of education can be quite an uphill task for a toddler, as after all, it’s all new to them. However, our numerous educational designs are tailored towards helping your baby take those first learning steps in a memorable yet thrilling experience.

They can learn about fruits and common plants through our fruit and plant puzzles, the abc’s of the alphabet in its entirety and the so important numbers upon which almost everything on the world hinges. Our educational themed puzzles are essential for helping preschools, boys and girls alike, make the most out of their learning experience.

3) Seasonal and house designs
Well, there is no better way for your kid to learn about the seasons than through our season customized jigsaw wooden puzzles. They can see the differences between the coldness of winter and the warmth of summer and everything in between, i.e. autumn and spring, through real-life illustrations of the different attire and sceneries in each case. House design puzzles are also available in a wide range of interactive designs and are suitable for one up to five-year-olds.

4) Transportation, car/vehicle and traffic themes
The modern-day world has an abundance of vehicles, traffic equipment and structures which can be pretty overwhelming for babies curious about urban traffic and transportation. Our puzzles can help ease the educational journey as they include popular vehicles and traffic signs that children between the age of 1 to 5 can easily relate to.

These wood puzzles offer a 3D depiction of their real-world equivalents and present a valuable and hands-on way for kids to learn in style.

Wooden peg puzzles vs. the Knob variety
Basically, all our creations are based on either a peg or knob structure. The knob wood puzzles are synonymous with the younger toddlers usually between one and three as they normally have a penchant for holding items. Moreover, they incorporate simpler designs and blocks suitable for their understanding.

More advanced ages, between 3 to 5 are more suited to the peg wood puzzles as they offer a more seamless outcome and feature more complex 3-dimensional designs and block work.

Our quality is second to none
Although our wooden puzzles differ in shapes, designs and themes; one thing is always certain: high quality. As a testament to this, we have sold thousands of our products worldwide and continue to lead the way as the worlds number one supplier and manufacturer.

Our puzzles are from the finest materials using the latest state of the art heat transfer and 3 D printing technology thereby guaranteeing unrivalled texture, longevity, clarity and overall quality.

Safety is of the essence
We know toddlers can get a bit careless, e.g. they have a tendency to put things in their mouth, due to their inborn natural inquisitiveness and as such we have taken measures to ensure all our products are as safe as can be. Apart from being non-toxic, all our puzzles are in line with regulations of the European Green Environment Protection and have the accompanying certificate to match.

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