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wooden knob puzzles

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Wooden Knob Puzzles

Puzzles are very common in today’s society and they are more of an activity done for leisure. It was normally for grownups but today it is for both grownups and children alike. Puzzles for children can be divided into many different categories depending on the age and even gender. The functions of puzzles for children include enhancing their hand and eye coordination, management of emotions and ability to solve problems. Children’s puzzles therefore have to be easy to solve and easy to handle. It is for these reasons that wooden knob puzzles are made.

Wooden knob puzzles

Compared to the wooden puzzles with pegs that are more complex in design color and with many blocks, the wooden knob puzzles are pretty simple. They are puzzles with only one color, simple designs like alphabets and numerals and fewer blocks. The simple nature of these puzzles make them more suitable for children within the ages of one year to around three years. The wooden puzzles have smooth surfaces and some have pegs for ease of grasping and handling. Wooden knob puzzles help the children to manage their emotions. Children tend to lose temper when they do not get what they want. The puzzles will help them to keep calm even when they are not able to complete the puzzle and keep trying till they are able to compete it. Some of the wooden knob puzzles available are listed below:

a) Winter season wooden puzzles

This is a puzzle with a winter season theme. It requires the children to complete patters like cars, trees, buildings and people with snow around. It has a wide age range since it is suitable for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. It is also suitable for both genders, boys and girls. Its features include conspicuous colors and shapes and the pegs are smooth for ease of handling. This puzzle helps children to develop their imagination and god hand- eye coordination. The puzzles have been certified by the European Green Environment Protection.

b) Farm wooden puzzles

As the name suggests, this puzzle has the theme of the farm and farm implements. It requires children to make complete shapes of farming implements including farming tools, buildings and even farm animals. These wooden puzzles with knobs or easy handling make them suitable for a wide range of children. From babies to toddlers and preschoolers it is an estimate of children around the ages of 1-7 years. This puzzle also has colors that are bright and unique designs for ease of completing the puzzle. It is also suitable for both boys and girls. These puzzles have been certified by the European Green Environment Protection.

c) Sea animals wooden puzzles

This puzzle has the theme of aquatic life. It requires the children to recreate the environment in the sea. They are therefore required to complete patters of the animals in the sea, the coral reefs and the weeds in the sea. This helps in helping the children to develop a sense of imagination. This wooden jigsaw puzzle is easy to handle and complete hence it is suitable for children around the ages of 1-7 years old. It helps to enhance concentration and patience to complete the tasks required. It is suitable for both girls and boys. These have also been certified by the European Green Environment Protection.

How to choose wooden puzzles with knobs

As children continue to develop, so does their thinking. When choosing a wooden jigsaw puzzle for your child, you should consider the following:

Age of the child. The kind of wooden knob puzzle for a younger child should have contrasting colors and simple shapes. The child will be able to complete the puzzle by simply putting the puzzle in the pace that matches the piece they are holding. Bright colors help to catch the attention of the child for a longer time. Older children can be given puzzles with more complex shapes and colors to help them develop reasoning and observation skills. Younger children also require wooden jigsaw puzzle so that they do not destroy them and hurt themselves.

The nature of the puzzle. This is mainly considered depending on the gender of the child and the age of the child. Boys may not prefer spending the day completing a jigsaw puzzle with princesses and fairies but girls will love that kind of puzzle. Teenagers may also not opt to spend their afternoon completing simple puzzles. Teenagers may find it interesting to complete hard puzzles with many pieces. Children however, will easily lose concentration with hard puzzles.

The preference of the child. If your child is interested in cars, you may consider giving them puzzles that involve cars to help catch their attention for a longer period. It helps them to also enjoy working on the puzzle with the aim of completing the task. Having fun helps the child to enjoy completing the puzzle. Giving the child a puzzle that they do not have interest in will make them lose interest in the puzzle and they may take longer to complete it.

The features of the puzzle. Puzzles tend to be more challenging when the theme is a picture that is mostly uniform, like a wheat field or an ocean. Depending on the age and ability of your child, you should pick a wooden jigsaw puzzle that is most suitable. Fewer pieces makes the puzzle simpler while many pieces make the puzzle more difficult. The age rules on the puzzle. Some kids of the same age may be brighter than others. It is your duty as a parent to know what puzzle is more suitable for your child irrespective of the age specification.


Jigsaw puzzles are a pastime activity that may be used to instill some skills in children. Patience, coordination, concentration and imaginative skills are important skills that children acquire by solving the puzzles. Wooden puzzles with knobs are most suitable for children since they are easy to handle. Choosing suitable knob puzzles for children requires you to consider factors like the age of the child, the nature of the puzzle and the preferences of the child. The wooden jigsaw puzzles listed above are certified by the European Green Environment Protection.

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