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Wooden Car Puzzles CD1289 , Wooden Peg Puzzles

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    Wooden Car Puzzles CD1289 , Wooden Peg Puzzles

    Model: CD1289

    Product name: wooden pegs puzzles, Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle and wooden puzzles.

    Material: Wood

    Pattern: Alphabet, Numbers, Sea Life, Dinosaurs, Shapes & Vehicle, 3d, abc, letters, animals, fruit, shapes, cars and Educational, etc.

    fitted people:for baby, for toddlers, children’s kids for preschoolers for boy and girls
    Suitable age: for 1-year old, for 2 years olds, 3 years olds and 5-7-year olds.

    Product name: Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle, wooden peg puzzles, wooden knob puzzles, wooden puzzles

    Features: Bright color and cartoon designs, Quality heat-transfer printing process, Smooth wooden peg, easy to grasp

    Beneficiaries: Learning arithmetic, Develop kids’ imagination, Train eye-hand coordination

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