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Used Wooden Peg Puzzles


Used Wooden Peg Puzzles

Used Wooden Peg Puzzles


Children begin to learn right from the time they are born. As they grow up, parents see the need to instill certain skills in them. This is done through a variety of items or activities. The Used Wooden Peg Puzzle is one of several ways to teach children a couple of skills.


Types of Used Wooden Peg Puzzles

The wooden peg puzzles come in different forms and shapes. This really depends on the age of the child using it. Wooden peg puzzles for toddlers could be slightly different from those made for babies. Puzzles for toddlers could have pieces in form of animals and tools, but now with a mixture of numbers and letters. The peg puzzles for babies could consist mainly of shapes and animals as the baby’s cognitive skills will still be very minimal.


Application of the peg puzzles

Playing the game is more of arranging items in their order. In some cases, especially with baby puzzles, shapes will just be placed on similar shapes drawn on the board. The baby is only supposed to place, for example a piece resembling a garden rake, exactly where it is drawn on the board. Sometimes there is no drawing, but just a drilled shape in form of the different items to be filled in.


There are also some puzzles for kids where the kid is supposed to place the alphabet letters, or numbers in their order. An alphabet puzzle has 26 pieces that a child plays with, and a number line puzzle usually goes up to 12 pieces with numbers 1 through 12. Other puzzles for older kids come in different small shapes that make up a single item, for example a house. The child will have to knit the pieces together and come with the exact shape, usually drawn on the box pf the puzzle for reference sake.



Benefits of the game


Wooden peg puzzles come in different themes like numbers, tools and vegetation. Knowing the difference between these improves the child’s cognitive skills.



All the puzzles represent a challenge that needs to be solved, for example building a car using wooden pegs. By letting kids solve these, their problem-solving skills are enhanced.




When playing the wooden puzzle games, kids do not play by themselves, they talk and ask questions from their elders or other kids, this helps develop their social skills.




As children play and complete the puzzles successfully, they feel like they are champions and brag about it. This really helps with their self-esteem.

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