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Toddlers Love These Wooden Puzzles

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Toddlers Love These Wooden Puzzles


Toddlers Love These Wooden Puzzles

Toddlers Love These Wooden Puzzles

If you are like most parents, you are constantly in search of ways to keep your toddler entertained. With wooden, knob, and peg puzzles for toddlers, you can keep your child busy for hours while also stimulating their intellectual and creative side. A young child’s only real interest is exploring the world around them. They are continuously attempting to observe, digest, and make sense of their surroundings. With wooden puzzles, toddlers can learn to do this in more effective ways.

Wooden puzzles are much like ordinary jigsaw puzzles with much larger pieces. These are great for toddlers because they are durable. Sturdy enough to withstand spills, being thrown across the room and even chewing. You can also rest easy knowing that the pieces are much to large to be a choking hazard. Just like regular jigsaw puzzles, wooden puzzles can improve your toddler’s concentration, creativity, memory and much more. All while keeping them entertained for as long as a toddler can be expected to stay focused on one thing.

Knob puzzles work much the same way as jigsaw puzzles, however there is a large back piece with a few different cut out pieces that fit into it. On top of the cut outs are knobs that your child can use to pick the pieces up and insert them into the proper place. Again, the puzzles are durable and can withstand anything your toddler has in store for it. The educational benefits are amazing as well. Increased concentration and problem solving are a few of the mental capacities that knob puzzles will help your child develop.

Peg puzzles are unique in that the pieces are fragments of a larger image. Pictures underneath the pegged pieces help your child know where to place them. This is instrumental in developing image recognition as well as cognitive functioning. It is also a very fun way to learn! Because they are specifically designed for toddlers, you can be sure that they are safe for them. Too large to be a choking hazard and too sturdy to be broken by an infant, these puzzles are perfect for your growing child.

Wooden puzzles, knob puzzles, and peg puzzles are the perfect addition to your toddler’s play things. With a large variety of puzzles to choose from, they will provide your young child with hours of stimulating entertainment. Puzzles are one of the best ways to guide your toddler into being an inquisitive and creative thinker while motivating their developing brains.

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