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Key Features of a Preschool Wooden Puzzle

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Key Features of a Preschool Wooden Puzzle


Key Features of a Preschool Wooden Puzzle

Key Features of a Preschool Wooden Puzzle

Introducing your kids to puzzles is a great way to enhance the motor and cognitive skills. But as they advance in age, they also improve in experience. So when they are about to join the kindergarten, the preschool wooden puzzle is what they need the most. There are puzzles that will help then to transit seamless into school life. These puzzles are a little bit complex and mostly education oriented. But you have to get the right puzzle for your kid. There are numerous ways of picking the right puzzle but looking for features is one of the most effective.

There are numerous features that one should look for in a preschool wooden puzzle. Here are some of the most crucial features that one should look out for:

School Oriented Puzzle

Preschool wooden puzzles should be a little bit of school-oriented in their choice of shapes. At this stage, the kids will have already good skills in filling slots and most probably they will have already known most of the things around them. They should at this stage be introduced to letters and numbers. They should also start learning to write their names. That will make them sharper and also make their induction into school seamless. They should also be introduced to geometrical shapes since these are the kind of content they will get in school.

Slight Complex puzzle

The complexity of the preschool wooden puzzles defined in terms of the number of the pieced used for the designing of the puzzle. At this stage, the kids have already learned to solve puzzles of up to six and eight pieces. So the preschool wooden puzzle that you pick should be enhancing their cognitive skills. However, you should be careful not introduce them to extremely tough puzzles. Age is important when it comes to picking the right complexity for your kid.

Choice of Color

Just like the rest of us, the choice of color is crucial when it comes to choosing preschool wooden puzzles. At the preschool age, the kid will have already developed a liking to certain colors. You should choose the kids favorite colors to ensure that they are not only liking the game but also love the board. That will ensure that the kid will not get bored just because they don’t like the color of the board. Therefore, pick the color that the kind will love.

These are the three main features that you need to consider while shopping for preschool wooden puzzles. With these features, it will be easy for your kid to transition into their school life.

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