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How Wooden Knob Puzzles can Help Autistic Children

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How Wooden Knob Puzzles can Help Autistic Children


How Wooden Knob Puzzles can Help Autistic Children

How Wooden Knob Puzzles can Help Autistic Children

The responsibility of a parent to a child lies greatly on ensuring their proper development. However, it is always a challenging task to bring up children with autism. They have difficulties in performing the normal functions. They, therefore, need assistance to help them develop normally. Some of the problem they have include mobility, speech, socialization, and memory. Wooden knob puzzles can be of great help to these kids through the following ways:

Problem-solving skills

It is always a challenge for the kids to fit the pieces of wooden knob puzzles correctly. After a number of trials, the child will manage to assemble the puzzle. Learning to solve it help to develop problem-solving skills. Autistic children can benefit from this puzzle by gaining the skills of focusing and finding solutions to problems. Since autistic kids often get interested with challenges, the puzzle can help them think abstractly.

Fine motor skills

Development of physical abilities appears in the list of delays during the development of autistic children. Their hands, for instance, may fail to develop normally, and this may present challenges to them later in life. Using wooden knob puzzles on them help to improve the abilities of their fine motor skills. Stretching hands to hold the knob and fitting them in the slot strengthen the muscles. Frequently doing the puzzle will help the child to adjust to the proper use of their hands. They will not have problems while holding objects such as pens while writing.

Eye-Hand coordination

Assembling wooden knob puzzles mainly involves the eyes, brain and the hand. The brain coordinates the function of both organs. When you pick a piece to place it in a particular slot, the hand must take it to where see fit. The ability to coordinate what you see, mind decision and accomplishing it with hands require practice. Wooden knob puzzles come in to solve this problem, especially to autistic children. The puzzle allows them an enjoyable way to practice the skill.

Social skills

Interacting with others kids challenges most children with autism goes through. However, the problem is promoted by Lack of involvement in activities that put them together with the rest of kids. That is what leads to isolation which makes things worse. Doing wooden knob puzzles with other kids can help the autistic to socialize normally. They work corporately and converse. They also argue and help each other to solve it.

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