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How to choose wooden puzzles

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How to choose wooden puzzles


How to choose wooden puzzles

About wooden puzzle with knob choose suggestion:

Wooden puzzle is good useful educational toys, it can practice attention, memory and patience for kids. However, all mothers’ must choose suitable for babies ages range cognitive ability wooden puzzle, Such as:

Cognitive development pattern: For young babies, most know things typical contour and colors first, after a large age will focus on the design details of the content. This mean you can put the baby to imagine as a near-sighted, they were see clearly outline and color features in his eyes. So, when we choose wooden puzzle, we can according to contour colors to determine the position of the puzzle, then gradually transition to rely on image detail to determine the position of the puzzle to stare, which need more powerful memory and analytical ability.

In one’s own Interest:  there are many topics for the same kind of puzzle, if can combined with the baby’s own hobby to choose a topic, it can good for him play longer and more focus. For examples, baby like car, then we can choose more traffic theme class wooden puzzle.

Below we will combine with the specific wooden puzzle products, how to choose the puzzle from easy to difficult.

The first stage:

Big knob with easy sharp puzzle, this kind of wooden puzzles is suitable for the babies who is 1-year old.

This kind of puzzle features:

Hand grasp plate: each piece of big and thick ,4-6pieces for each board, a “tumip” a”pit” ,simple shape  ,bright image .
For the baby, the most difficult is not ever handle help him catch puzzles, and is to find which shape corresponding to which “pit”, and adjust the good point of view embedded in the “pit”. So, when baby hold puzzles, can see the shape of the building block of the hand is very important. When picked up the wooden puzzle board can see the shape of the embedded plate, it can help the baby’s judgment. In addition, the wooden puzzle due also and shape is more less, the foundation, with bright color theme, the advantages of more attractive to the baby.

The second stage

Shape to judge the location mainly through a combination of puzzles, this kind of wooden puzzles for 2-year old’s.

This kind of puzzle feature:

Each piece is relatively independent, different shape of each pieces, you can tell the names of each piece, it can help baby memory, and increasing interest. The edge of the puzzle embedded is irregular, can good help baby “localization” of each should be put in the position and Angle. It is accord with the baby to the characteristics of the cognitive things by contour, and color.
Each piece’s sizes, there may be a few more delicate small pieces. Each wooden board may be as many as dozens of pieces. Each “pit” has more than one “turnip”; Such a wooden puzzle can also play the map series, help to learn encyclopedic knowledge, but is a bit harder, for kindergarten period of big baby will be better.
Mother should teach baby playing and introduced each piece puzzle name at the beginning of the playing, can speak some lively. Baby can’t reason out the placement of each pieces only can start from a part of memory gradually put the position, and in the operation of each alignment and embedding fine motor skills. Like my baby most beginning to playing the fire truck puzzles, is away from the gorilla head, body, and the relative position of the neck, it’s hard for him, but he has patience and interest, I would encourage him when he was in a hurry.
At this age, the baby may be interesting in some topic puzzle, and can play a long time, in this time can be buy some puzzle for the baby to play.

The third stage:

Design details and shape combined judgment, this kind of wooden puzzles is suitable for the babies who is 3 years old’s.
This kind of puzzle feature:
At the second stage, the baby can totally ignore graphic details on each pieced aft the second stage, only through the shape to have to come up to “chance”. But must pay attention to graphic details at third stage, otherwise it is difficult to “cover”. Detail is the main reference in the judgment, design, shape is auxiliary reference.
Pattern is bright, is bigger, line is simple, help baby to identify patterns. Few pieces, mostly below 30 pieces, each piece is bigger, may be similar or different shape.

The four stages

Completely according to the design details determine location, this kind of wooden puzzles is suitable for the babies who is 4 years old and above.

This kind of puzzle feature:

Each puzzle sharp is the same or very similar, so do not put in the puzzle position through shape memory, rather than through the image detail to locate the placement and direction, and aligned adjacent pieces. Positioning on the whole puzzle board, it must have whole picture image in the mind, this is difficult for the baby, even if having reference to complete figure. Such puzzles graphics need to complete detail reasoning, and the memory of the picture.
So we suggestion can choose simple image clearly and differentiation between pieces and pieces. In addition to the traditional plane puzzles, also can consider six sides puzzles.

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