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Wooden puzzles as a classical educational toy, it can to educate through entertainment, can Training baby’s intellect through playing the puzzles. Wooden puzzles are a popular mind game, it is changeable, you can choice difficult or easy ones, it is a hundred-play game. We must continue to learn new things daily and overcome the small challenges that hinder us. Our puzzles can stimulate player’s potential. We love wooden puzzles and want to share this love with you. Kids can learn knowledge by play the puzzles. We have animal wooden puzzles,farm puzzles for kids,wooden number puzzles,map wooden puzzles, is there a better way to know the letters and geography well than by touch and study the every letter and area. Colorful and Attractive Images are fun for small children and toddlers. Puzzle game can be a family activity, it can make the parent-child relationship more intimate and harmonious through play the puzzle game. Puzzles can help improve eye hand coordination as well as help with fine motor skills. Wooden puzzles are better for kids., they hold up much better than flimsy cardboard ones because we all know how rough young kids can be with stuff. Plus, wooden puzzles are easier for toddlers to grab and manipulate.

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