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C&D has been dedicated in designing and manufacturing wooden puzzles with pegs and knobs over 30 years covering a total area of more than 3000 square meter. We have a wide array of advanced equipments to ensure all of our products are manufactured with high standard and craftwork, also we have strong product development team and marketing counterparts as a critical element of successfully bringing products to market. Superior raw material, well trained production team and strict quality control are the guarantee to provide high quality products.

Wooden peg puzzles and wooden puzzles with knobs as one of the series products of C&D, we have many different designs for your option, Alphabet, Numbers, Sea Life, Dinosaurs, Shapes & Vehicle,3d,  letters, fruit, shapes, cars, Educational, abc, animals, farms, learning, traffic, house, stationery, plant, marine animal wood puzzles and jigsaw puzzles with pegs or knobs. These puzzles are designed for different ages of children, puzzles for toddlers, wooden puzzles for kids, wooden puzzles for preschoolers, wooden puzzles for boy and girls, baby wooden puzzles, wooden children’s puzzles, puzzles for 1-year old, puzzles for 2-year olds, puzzles for 3-year olds, puzzles for 4-year olds, puzzles for 5-year olds, toddlers’ puzzles. Our wooden puzzles are certified by European Green Environment Protection and well sold all of the world.


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