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5 Common Wooden Puzzles for Kids

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5 Common Wooden Puzzles for Kids


5 Common Wooden Puzzles for Kids

5 Common Wooden Puzzles for Kids

Most kids or preschoolers love doing puzzles. As they grow up should generally begin with wooden shape puzzles. And then they reach a point where they graduate to number and letter puzzles, and soon enough, your preschooler will be able to complete 25 and 50 piece jigsaw puzzles.

Assembling a puzzle enables kids to create critical thinking aptitudes and memory expertise. Puzzles assist kids with better understanding shapes, space, structures, and negative space. Moving puzzle pieces enhances the fine motor abilities and general body coordination. Also, a puzzle trains a person to be persistent and diligent.

For these reasons, babies and preschoolers ought to be subjected to play a variety of simple puzzles during their free time. Thick, wooden puzzles are incredible for children and toddlers, while the sturdy, interlocking puzzles are good for preschoolers. Here are the common types of the puzzle for kids and preschoolers:

1.    Matching Puzzle

Little children and preschoolers usually like the simple matching puzzles. Whenever you have a pen, you can also use a piece of paper to make random objects that kids can find and match them. Wooden matching puzzles are usually good for toddlers before they graduate to a complex puzzle.

2.     Name Puzzle

This name puzzle is such a fun method to acquaint kids with the spelling of their name. You can use various pieces with letters of the alphabet and let the kids choose the ones that will spell their names. These puzzles are usually good for preschoolers as they get to learn more as they also have fun.

3.    Building Block Challenge

This custom puzzle normally involves kids arranging blocks that they can fit each other forming a structure. With this method, kids or preschoolers will get to learn how to solve a problem or come up with a solution when something is wrong. Kids who usually solve this kind of puzzles tend to have better cognitive skills later on in life.

4.     Letter Puzzle

The children need some help when playing a letter puzzle. This can involve putting the letter pieces into their correct places on board or even painting and cutting them out. Children usually get delighted when painting their letters and they will enjoy solving such puzzles. This process will also enable kids to recognize various shapes or letters that can make up their name.

5.    Cereal Box Puzzles

Lastly, the cereal box is one of the oldest wooden puzzles for kids our oat box puzzles. With this method, kids pick the pieces that correspond to the one on the board and correctly place them. It can also be even choosing a piece and telling them to search for a similar one.

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