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4 Biggest Benefits Toddler Puzzles with Knobs

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4 Biggest Benefits Toddler Puzzles with Knobs


4 Biggest Benefits Toddler Puzzles with Knobs

4 Biggest Benefits Toddler Puzzles with Knobs

When it comes to puzzles for toddlers, Knobbed models are among the most popular in the market. That is because of the numerous benefits that they come with. One of the biggest reasons why most parents prefer these puzzles is their incredible results. They are the kind of boards that help the kid improve the skills greatly compared to most of the available options. Here are some of the biggest benefits of toddler puzzles with knobs.

Ease of Use

One of the biggest benefits is the ease of use features that comes toddler puzzles with knobs. The fact that they come with a knob speak for itself. At the toddler age, the kid is still struggling to grasp things around, and thus the knob works well for such cases. However, these puzzles come in different sizes to cater for different ages of kids in this age group. For the very small toddles around 12months old, the size of the knobs will not be the same as a 30-month old. You need to check these differences.

Choice Images Used

Unlike the other options of wooden puzzles such as preschools, toddler puzzles with knobs are quite different when it comes to choice images. The fact that they are designed for toddlers means that they are extremely versatile when it comes to picking images. In most cases, these puzzles make use of the common things that the kid sees around. That may include pets, farm animals, cars, and people amongst others. They could also include jungle animals and more complicated images for the older toddles. These are cool images that make keeps the kid entertained and thus they can solve the puzzles without getting bored.


Another reason why these puzzles are popular is because of the workmanship that is employed in designing and manufacturing these puzzles. The fact that kids are sensitive to colors makes the manufacturer used the best color combinations. Note that kids at this stage needs develop their hand to eye coordination skill. That is the reason why the color is one of the biggest benefits with these puzzles. These boards’ physical appearance is just excellent.


Toddler puzzles with knobs are simple to solve. They are designed for early childhood development, and thus the content is very simple. The use of objects that kids can relate to is one of the tricks that designers use to make it easy for the kid. Therefore, your kid will not have problem-solving these puzzles.


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