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The production design and supply of various types and shapes of wooden jigsaw puzzles, including wooden peg puzzles and wooden knob puzzles, suitable for kids of different ages and learning stages

wooden puzzles with pegs

wooden puzzles with pegs

Wooden peg puzzles or wooden puzzles with pegs are applicable for children aged 3-5-year old’s. Compared with wooden knob puzzles, wooden peg puzzles are more blocks, more colors, more complicated in design such as school wooden puzzles, 3D wooden puzzles, traffic wooden puzzles, garden wooden puzzles.
wooden puzzles with knobs

wooden puzzles with knobs

Wooden knob puzzles or wooden puzzles with knobs are applicable for children aged 1 year old to 3-year old’s. Compared with wooden peg puzzles, wooden knob puzzles are single color, less blocks and simple design such as letters, numbers, animals and shapes wooden puzzles.

C&D toys is a specializing in best toddler wooden jigsaw puzzles for preschooler, wooden jigsaw puzzles for 2 year olds and for 3 year olds are good examples; baby and kids wooden jigsaw puzzles, wooden jigsaw puzzles for children, preschool wooden jigsaw puzzles, small wooden jigsaw puzzles for adults and custom wooden jigsaw puzzles. These wooden jigsaw puzzles for baby, kids, toddler, children and adults have different configuration, available are 2 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle, 4 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle, 5 piece jigsaw puzzle, 8 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle, 12 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle, 50 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle and custom configuration wooden jigsaw puzzles. Our wooden jigsaw puzzles are designed in different theme, we have eagle and elephant jigsaw puzzles, educational jigsaw puzzles, mega jigsaw puzzles, plain wooden jigsaw puzzles, junior jigsaw puzzles, chunky jigsaw puzzles, number jigsaw puzzles, bespoke jigsaw puzzles, personalised wooden jigsaw puzzles, premium jigsaw puzzles. Target jigsaw puzzles, Stave jigsaw puzzles, Melissa and doug wooden jigsaw puzzles in a box can be custom.

Our Philosophy and Goal

C&D focuses on designing and manufacturing a wide range of funny and intelligent wooden puzzles with pegs and knobs
to help your children spend childhood full of fun, develop intelligence
and bring happiness to your family.