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The production design and supply of various types and shapes of wooden jigsaw puzzles, including wooden peg puzzles and wooden knob puzzles, suitable for kids of different ages and learning stages

wooden puzzles with pegs

wooden puzzles with pegs

Wooden peg puzzles or wooden puzzles with pegs are applicable for children aged 3-5-year old’s.
wooden puzzles with knobs

wooden puzzles with knobs

Wooden knob puzzles or wooden puzzles with knobs are applicable for children aged 1 year old to 3-year old’s.

With more than 3 decades of designing and manufacturing wooden puzzles with knobs and pegs, at C&D we consider ourselves as of the market leaders. Over this period, we have made significant advancement in terms of equipment and consequently improving the quality of our products. C&D also boasts of having one of the highly experienced team. Our products are made from highest grade material and under strict quality control to ensure the best quality for the market.
We specialize in producing two main types of puzzles: wooden puzzles with knobs applicable for children aged 1-3 years and wooden puzzles with pegs applicable for 3-5 year kids. To enhance your kid’s experience, C&D is offering a range of design options. We have Dinosaurs, Shapes & Vehicle, 3, letters, Alphabet, Sea Life, fruit, shapes, cars, plant, educational, numbers, ABC, animals, farms, house, stationery, marine animal wood puzzles and jigsaw puzzles with pegs or knobs amongst others. Our wooden puzzles are certified by European Green Environment Protection and well sold all over the world.

What is Wooden Puzzle?

Filling puzzles is one of the common things you will find kids doing in most homes. In fact, it has become a norm and tradition for every home with kids to have a Jigsaw puzzle or wooden puzzles. But what is a wooden jigsaw puzzle in a nutshell? Well, with so many puzzles in the market, there has been a lot of misconception about these puzzles.

What is a Wooden Puzzle?

A wooden jigsaw puzzle is simply tiling puzzle that requires the user to assemble oddly shaped interlocked on the board. In most cases, they are used as mind games, same as draught and chess amongst other games. They are played by both adults and kids but are common with kids. However, depending on the type of the puzzles and target player, the design and the complexity may vary from one puzzle to the other. It is also important to note that the jigsaw puzzles did not come a few years ago as many thinks but have been around for a couple of centuries.

Brief History

Wooden puzzles have been around for centuries but got commercialized around 1760. However, the name “jigsaw” around 1880 when” fretsaw” became the choice of the cutting saw due to its intricate cutting ability. That is why they referred to as jigsaw puzzles even today. However, with the introduction of modern cutting machines, the fretsaw is no longer relevant.

Wooden jigsaw puzzle Construction

The construction of the wooden puzzles has changed over the time. However, the use of the wood as the main construction material has stood the test of time. That is due to its numerous benefits over the alternatives. However, the cutting technology has advanced significantly. It moved from the use of fretsaw to use of hydraulic machines. Today, laser technology is the new cutting technique. The technology is quite precise and cost-effective and that makes it cheap for mass production. The laser also allows or the puzzle to be custom cut to any shape, size, and number of pieces.

Common types of Wooden Puzzles

There are two main types of wood puzzles in the market; wooden puzzles with knob and wooden peg puzzles. Wooden puzzles with knobs are specially designed for toddlers. These puzzles have their pieces attached to knobs for better holding. They are a great way to introduce kids between 1 to 3 years to the world around them while developing fine motor skills and critical skills as well. The complexity depends upon the age of the toddler and their overall ability to fill in the puzzles. On the other hand, wooden peg puzzles are designed for older kids between 3 to5 years. They a little bit complicated and meant to enhance critical thinking and refine kid’s motor skills.

Main Design Options and brands

There are numerous design options available in the market depending on the applicable people. For the toddlers or baby puzzles, the design should completely different for a 5-year-old. The toddler puzzle design would include things that they see around such as wooden animal puzzles. For the older kids, education wooden puzzles such as ABC puzzles are highly recommended. Other available options include preschool wooden puzzles, personalized wooden puzzles. Other options available options include Sea Life, fruit, shapes, cars, plant, educational, numbers and farms would puzzle amongst others. What are the major brands? If you are planning to go shopping for wooden puzzles, Melissa And Doug, Disney, Stave, Target and Mickey amongst others are some of the main reputable brands in the market.

Major Benefits of Wooden Puzzles

Today, the jigsaw wooden puzzles have become popular in almost every household with a kid. However, they are also played by the older people and more so the elderly citizens. According to the research that has been done on these boards, it has been proven that they enhance the development of critical skills and motor skills for the kids. That is why they are popular. For the elderly, wooden puzzles keep their brain active and thus preventing conditions such as dementia which is associated with loss of memory.

The bottom line

The wooden jigsaw puzzle can be played by both adults and kids. However, they are more popular with kids due to their many benefits such as critical thinking and motor skills.  But for you to make the most out of these puzzles, you need the right product. The age of the kid, quality of the board and the brand are key factors to take into account. At C&D, we have all your wooden jigsaw puzzle needs covered. We have a factory where do design and manufacture high-quality wooden puzzle boards. We are relatively cheap without compromising the quality.