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The production design and supply of various types and shapes of wooden jigsaw puzzles, including wooden peg puzzles and wooden knob puzzles, suitable for kids of different ages and learning stages

wooden puzzles with pegs

wooden puzzles with pegs

Wooden peg puzzles or wooden puzzles with pegs are applicable for children aged 3-5-year old’s. Compared with wooden knob puzzles, wooden peg puzzles are more blocks, more colors, more complicated in design such as school wooden puzzles, 3D wooden puzzles, traffic wooden puzzles, garden wooden puzzles.
wooden puzzles with knobs

wooden puzzles with knobs

Wooden knob puzzles or wooden puzzles with knobs are applicable for children aged 1 year old to 3-year old’s. Compared with wooden peg puzzles, wooden knob puzzles are single color, less blocks and simple design such as letters, numbers, animals and shapes wooden puzzles.

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of wooden puzzles. There are many different designs for your option, Alphabet, Numbers, Sea Life, Dinosaurs, Shapes & Vehicle,3d,  letters, fruit, shapes, cars, Educational, abc, animals, farms, learning, traffic, house, stationery, plant, marine animal wood puzzles and jigsaw puzzles with pegs or knobs. These puzzles are designed for different ages of children, puzzles for toddlers, wooden puzzles for kids, wooden puzzles for preschoolers, wooden puzzles for boy and girls, baby wooden puzzles, wooden children’s puzzles, puzzles for 1-year old, puzzles for 2-year olds, puzzles for 3-year olds, puzzles for 4-year olds, puzzles for 5-year olds, toddlers’ puzzles. Our wooden puzzles are certified by European Green Environment Protection and well sold all of the world.

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